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Improve your posture - Improve your health

The Posture Medic can help you improve your posture and strengthen your back and core muscles. By doing the stretches and exercises you can improve your posture, reduce pain and improve your overall health with the Posture Medic.

The Original Strength Posture Medic is recommended for individuals with either inactive or mildly active lifestyles.

Back Brace

Throughout your busy day, you often end up slouching or hunching over without realizing it. This compresses your spine and tightens your chest and neck. Your upper back ends up weaker because it’s not engaged properly. And where does all this lead? Poor posture! And sometimes to pain. Posture Medic helps stabilize your posture by holding your shoulders further back and reminding you to straighten up. Wear the Posture Medic to help you develop the habit of straightening your back and shoulders, and you can do this without missing a beat.

Exercise Band

The Posture Medic s a posture reminding resistance band that helps you stretch, strengthen and stabilize your back. We developed a 6-week program to guide you towards better posture. You will learn how to stretch those tight muscles in your chest, neck and back. This increases your range of motion by loosening tight muscles, thus allowing you to straighten your back. Our strengthening exercises specifically target the muscles in your neck and back that help you maintain proper posture. These back and neck muscles are often overlooked when working out and are underutilized due to our poor posture.

Most users will find that the Original Strength provides an excellent workout and stretch for their posture.

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