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TENS Machine Kit (Battery Powered) - myphysioshopTENS Machine Kit (Battery Powered) - myphysioshop
Allcare AllCare ProTens Machine

Sale price$50
In stock, 4120 units
AllCare ElectrodesAllCare Electrodes
AllCare AllCare Electrodes

Sale priceFrom $10.50
In stock, 13706 units
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Verity Electrodes for TENS & StimVerity Electrodes for TENS & Stim
Verity Verity Electrodes for TENS & Stim

Sale priceFrom $11.81
In stock, 151 units
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PALS ValuTrode Electrodes - myphysioshopPALS ValuTrode Electrodes - myphysioshop
Pals Pals ValuTrode

Sale priceFrom $9.09
In stock, 393 units
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Everyway iStim EV-820 TENS MachineSide view of Everyway iStim EV-820 TENS Machine
Everyway Everyway Istim Ev-820 Tens Machine

Sale price$57
Only 7 units left
PALS Platinum Blue - Self Adhesive Electrode - myphysioshop
Pals Pals Platinum Blue - Self Adhesive Electrode

Sale priceFrom $20
In stock, 34 units
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MK5 Lead for Pro10’s, Digi10’s and Digital Stim
Digital Ems Unit - Two Channel Muscle Stimulation
AllCare Digital TENS Unit
Allcare Allcare Digital Tens Unit

Sale price$157.50
In stock, 49 units
Neurotrac Rehab Stim+Hand Cntrl (Tens)Neurotrac Rehab Stim+Hand Cntrl (Tens)
Neurotrac Neurotrac Rehab Stim+Hand Cntrl (Tens)

Sale price$227.26
In stock, 27 units
Everyway Ultra 9000
Everyway Everyway Ultra 900

Sale price$307.27
In stock
Pals Platinum Foam - myphysioshop
Pals PALS 7.5cm x 13cm Oval Foam Top

Sale price$27.27
In stock, 16 units
Neurotrac ETS Patient Lead
NeuroTrac Neurotrac ETS Patient Lead

Sale price$64.90
Sold out
Neurotrac Multi-Tens & Muscle Stim
Neurotrac Neurotrac Multi-Tens & Muscle Stim

Sale price$163.63
Only 2 units left
Neurotrac Tens
Neurotrac Neurotrac Tens

Sale price$181.81
Only 5 units left
Neurotrac Muscle Stim Sports - 2 Channel
Neurotrac Neurotrac Muscle Stim Sports - 2 Channel

Sale price$290.40
Only 6 units left
Neurotrac Muscle Stim Sports Xl - 4 Channel
Neurotrac Neurotrac Muscle Stim Sports Xl - 4 Channel

Sale price$349.99
Only 4 units left
Allcare Ultrasound GelAllcare Ultrasound Gel
AllCare Allcare Ultrasound Gel

Sale priceFrom $10
Sold out
Neurotrac Myoplus Standard Emg/Ets 2 Channel
Neurotrac SimplexNeurotrac Simplex
Neurotrac Neurotrac Simplex

Sale price$635.80
Sold out

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