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Neurotrac Simplex

Single Channel EMG Unit (inc. wireless software kit)


The NeuroTrac® Simplex is a single channel EMG device that has been designed for use with a variety of applications, in particular Incontinence Assessment and Biofeedback Pelvic Floor Training. It can also be used very effectively for Sports and General Physiotherapy applications.

The NeuroTrac® Simplex will stand upright on a flat surface enabling the user to carry out specific exercises and at the same time view the biofeedback through bright LED lights at the front of the unit and  by listening to the auditory beeps. At the end of a session the LCD screen will automatically display the average muscle readings for the session.


  • Suitable for EMG muscle training or assessment.
  • Structured protocols for consistency of user progress reports (software)
  • Measures EMG from 0.2μV to 2000μV Accurately
  • Produces and prints comprehensive progress reports of work/rest averages, onset contraction and muscle release times, peak values, work/rest average deviations (software)
  • Up to 10 meters of wireless connection for NeuroTrac Software
  • Ability to lock the unit
  • Records EMG statistics
  • User friendly
  • Compact, light and reliable
  • Low cost high quality and very accurate


  • The package includes PC Software. Up to 10 m of wireless connection (Bluetooth).
  • Single Channel Digital EMG Unit.
  • Accurate Range: 0.2μV to 2000μ
  • Sensitivity: 0.1μV RMS.
  • LEDs display EMG level clearly and easily.
  • LCD displays numerical EMG reading and work/rest countdown.
  • Selectable band pass filter to filter out heart rate.
  • Work / Rest periods: 2 to 99 seconds.
  • Number of Trials: 1-99
  • User friendly.
  • Physical Dimensions:Length 128 mm, Width 64 mm, Depth 28 mm
  • Weight:1Kg (without batteries).



NeuroTrac Simplex comes complete with:

  • 1 x 9V Battery
  • 1 x packet of 50mm x 50mm skin electrodes
  • 1 x Patient Lead, 1x Reference lead
  • Wireless Software Kit
  • Operating manual
  • Soft carry case
  • 1 year warranty on the unit only.

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