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Purpose-built to fit into ladies high heel fashion footwear, the ICB High Heel Orthotic features a 3 degree rearfoot varus post (to allow for the natural supinatory effect on the foot, which occurs when wearing heels of 2cm or more), and exhibits the same Triangular Shaft element found in the rest of the ICB Orthotic range, whilst incorporating a forefoot sulcus extension.  The Triangular Shaft supports the transverse and longitudinal arch of the foot, and finishes under the 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads.  

The forefoot sulcus extension offers increased comfort and reduces the medial to lateral movement of the orthotic in the shoe.  ICB High Heel Orthotics are extra thin under the heel pad to reduce heel slippage and allow velcro to be used to secure the orthotic in the heel counter.

ICB High Heel Orthotics are most effective when worn in low heel and high heel court shoes.  They can also be fitted to flat shoes with a shallow heel cup.

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