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The Fleetseat is a light weight, portable and easy to use two-person-carry aid. Designed with user safety and comfort in mind, the Fleetseat combines a range of features including a proprietary weight distribution system, ergonomically located handles and a contoured seat, to ensure maximum user comfort for carriers and patients.

Capable of being worn for rapid deployment in a matter of seconds or carried in a first aid kit, the Fleetseat is suitable for use in emergency response situations, on the sporting field, in the school yard, in health and aged care facilities and in the workplace.


    Weighing less than 800 grams, the Fleetseat can be easily worn or carried by first responders for immediate deployment.

    Able to be worn or carried in a first aid kit, the Fleetseat makes it easy to come prepared.
  • SAFE

    Underpinned by a scientifically proven design and manufactured using the highest quality materials, the Fleetseat has undergone rigorous testing for all conditions and purposes, guaranteeing safe and reliable performance.

    As a wearable device, the Fleetseat can be deployed and used in a just a few seconds.

    Strategically placed handles help prevent invasive or inappropriate physical contact with the patient.

    Designed and refined in conjunction with world-renowned biomechanical experts, the TGA registered Fleetseat has been tested rigorously for optimal performance under a wide range of conditions.

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