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Colour: Black - Juniper Berry
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The ChiBall is a soft and spongy 15cm inflatable ball that has been infused with an aromatherapy fragrance which corresponds to its colour. The use of colour and aromatherapy has been shown to stimulate and balance both thoughts and emotions, and consequently promote a greater sense of well being.

ChiBall have been especially designed to be easily inflatable and deflatable, and are ideally suited to match the wide variety of uses found throughout the ChiBall Method exercises. They are hand-crafted and of superior quality in durability, look, feel, and scent.

Anti-burst tested to 250kg

  • Orange - For confidence, playfulness and spontaneity, happiness, and joy. Chi Aroma: Sweet Orange.
  • Yellow - For personal power, self-worth, self-knowledge, self-discipline and courage. Chi Aroma: Lemongrass.
  • Dark Green -   For abundance, love, friendship, wealth and good health. Chi Aroma: Geranium.
  • Lime Green - For goodness, generosity, perfection, attunement and empathy. Chi Aroma: Mint
  • Purple - For peace, inspiration, faith, and recognition of your true nature. Chi Aroma: Lavender
  • Red - For energy, stamina, passion and vitality. Ch iAroma: Cinnamon.
  • Blue - To restore courage, resourcefulness and willpower. Chi Aroma: Juniper Berry.
  • Black - For Grounding, Calming, Perspective, Understanding and Self-Worth. Chi Aroma: Aniseed
  • Pink - Representing summer and the fire element, pink reflects love and a strong sense of companionship. It resolves conflict and internal unrest. Chi Aroma: Rose
  • Silver - Representing autumn and the metal element this ChiBall represents metals cool and reflective nature. Chi Aroma: Eucalyptus

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