Bodystance Backpod

  • $127.55

The Backpod is a recent innovation by a New Zealand physiotherapist with 30 years' experience in treating back and neck pain. We think it is the most effective device in the world for treating the usual hunched bent-forward upper back which drives most neck problems.

  • Three out of four people will get upper back or neck pain, including headaches. It’s that common.
  • A hunched forward upper back underlies most neck problems - and we all have to bend forward to do things.
  • This hunching has further increased with new technology like laptops, tablets and smartphones, which have small screens that cannot detach from their keyboards.
  • The Backpod® and its home care programme are specifically designed to treat the most common upper spinal problem in the world - a hunched, tightened upper back driving neck pain and headaches. The Backpod® also enables straighter posture and freer breathing.
  • Use the Backpod® on its own or with treatment from your doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, massage therapist, personal trainer or other health professional.