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Customisable Back Support

BakRest relieves back and neck pain in sitting and improves posture. The patented BakRest was scientifically-designed by an expert Physiotherapist to prevent slouched sitting posture that leads to back and neck pain. BakRest supports your spine in an upright sitting posture which helps you sit, work and drive with less back and neck pain.

BakRest relieves pain as it perfectly supports the spinal curves in upright sitting, and research shows that upright supported sitting reduces lumbar disc pressure, neck muscle strain and hence reduces pain. BakRest also provides sensory feedback which research shows can relieve back pain. The BakRest is easily installed on any office chair or car seat, and is customisable to suit any chair or person.

The Standard BakRest comes with 5 units (2 large and 3 medium) 

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