Actimove Mitella Eco Arm Sling

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Size: Large (40cm - 43cm)
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Efficient Arm Support

Actimove Mitella is the cost-effective arm support. It helps keep your inventory low, as it fits on both left and right arm, available in four sizes for your patients who will appreciate it's easy application.

  • Allow for better hand positioning thanks to the thumb loop which limits the rotation of the forearm while still allowing full finger movement.
  • Simple to apply and adjust for an individual fit with easy threading through the freely rotating O-rings.
  • Cares for clothes through the gentle pocket material, while also protecting casts or bandaging from moisture and dirt.
Suitable For:
  • Postoperative Support
  • Fracture management (e.g. clavicle, scapular, humeral, and greater tuberosity fractures)
  • Joint dislocations (e.g. acromioclavicular & sternoclavicular dislocations, shoulder luxation)
  • Inflammatory diseases (e.g. calcific tendinitis of the rotator cuff)
  • Minor instability of the shoulder
  • Support for hemiplegic patients
  • Support while wearing a cast or splint
  • Temporary arm stabilisation in emergency/paramedic care
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