66fit Super Stretcher


Size: Small - 82cm
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Stretching Band

A strong elastic band designed to assist with various stretching exercises. Allows safe assisted stretching of key muscle groups of the upper and lower body to improve flexibility and maintain optimal range of motion.


  • Strong elasticated stretching band
  • Lightweight and portable so you can stretch anywhere, anytime
  • Assists stretching of most muscle groups
  • Ideal for use in rehabilitation or for post workout recovery
  • Available in 3 different sizes -  S, M , L
  • Materials: Polyester, Cotton, Latex

Sizing: According to length of band - folded

S - 82cm
M - 92cm
L - 115cm

Sizing : According to your height:

S - 165cm
M - 165 – 190cm
L - 190 cm

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