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Oppo Premium C-Pad Knee Stabilizer (OPP2323)

  • $73.50

  • C-pad incorporated with reinforced straps provides concentric pressure to maintain proper patella position.
  • Bilateral spiral stays prevent knee sprains by reinforcing support and stability of joint.
  • Elasticated zones offer freedom of movement with ideal coverage.
  • 3D energizing pattern stimulates sensory inputs to facilitate joint stabilization.
  • Comfortable edge design holds firm and provides a snug fit without being too tight.
  • Seamless design enhances all-around comfort and compliance.
  • 8.5" height facilitates fitting and reduces restriction of movement.
  • Muscle weakness around medial knee
  • Muscle tension around lateral knee
  • Knee pain during movement
Sizing Chart:

Measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with knee fully extended.