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Orficast is a thin, breathable, ventilated thermoplastic tape which conforms readily to create a precise fitting orthosis with smooth edges and a soft feel. It features a specially designed knit fabric, which is made of low temperature thermoplastic material, similar to traditional casting material without the mess or need for gloves. Each roll of tape is 3cm wide x 3 metres long. Latex free.

Features & Benefits:
  • Low activation temperature 65 degrees Celcius
  • Can be moulded directly on the patient
  • No risk of skin burning for the patient
  • Short cooling time still allows adequate working timeto complete correct alignment
  • Can be activated in hot water or oven
  • Cools down and hardens in a few minutes
Skin Ventilation:
  • The knitted structure allows skin ventilation of the patient
Easy Handling:
  • Easy to transport
  • Material can be cut with regular scissors at any desired shape/length
  • The material can be applied on the skin without moistening or lotioning
High Mouldability:
  • Perfect contour of splinting material
  • More efficient splints
  • Fits snuggly around the fingers
Soft Touch Feeling:
  • Very high comfort for the patient Water Resistant:
  • Allows functional use at all times and in all circumstances
  • Water proof
  • Allows patient to swim Stitching:
  • As this product is a knitted product, you can stitch it together before activating in order to make your desired pattern~~Splint Applications:
  • Orficast Thermoplastic Tape is ideal for simple finger splints, thumb splints and supportive bandages wraps
  • Provides excellent ventilation for wound care treatment~~Serial casting
  • Ideal for small applications (fingers, thumbs, toes, etc.)~~Directions for Use:
  • To use Orfi cast soften the material in 66 degrees celcius water, then wrap the area by overlapping. The layers will bond together when they are warm and will come apart if forced open after cooling. Apply 2 to 3 layers for a semi-flexible support, or use more layers for firm support. Finger casts can be easily trimmed with scissors to create other finger/thumborthotic designs.~~Thermoforming Conditions:
  • Optimum Activation Temperature (in Water Bath): 65 degrees Celcius
  • Activation Time (in Water Bath): 1 - 2 minutes
  • Transparent When Activated: No
  • Working Time: 1-1.5 minutes
  • Hardening Time: 3-3.5 minutesTime to Completion: 13-14 minutes
  • Resistance to Stretch: Moderate
  • Drape: High
  • Memory (After 200% Elongation) full
  • Maximum Elongation When Activated: N/A
  • Memory (After Maximum Elongation): Full
  • Sticks to Itself When Activated and Wet: Reliable under High Stress
  • Sticks to Itself When Activated,
  • After Drying: Reliable under High Stress
  • Adhesion (hook and loop fastner Strip) Using Heat Gun: Yes

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