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A must for every Gym Bag!

Why use GYM LAB?
GYM LAB is the fastest and most convenient way to sanitise any equipment used by the general public. This help prevent you from getting sick from germs introduced by people using the equipment before you

Sharing Equipment?
Gymlab is perfect to use on the weight machine handles, on free weights, dumbells, kettle bell handles etc. Quickly spray the handles of the exercise bike before your exercise

Personal Trainers
Sanitise and freshen all of your gear before and after each group session, including hard-to-clean items like boxing gloves. Your clients will appreciate it!

Pilates Studios
Pilates instructors and studio managers can have a can of GYMLAB at hand to spray down reformer and trapeze handles between clients. Suitable for pilates circles and other floor exercise equipment

The ultimate Gym Disinfectant

Gym Lab is the ultimate gym disinfectant that is ready to shake up and transform the ever-expanding fitness industry as we know it. The multipurpose, eucalyptus based formula has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of germs, while eliminating unpleasant odours, deodorising and disinfecting. Designed for use on all gym equipment, non-washable gear and surfaces, and perfect for all those hard to reach places.

Gym Lab’s origins come from a concern for the environment and the endless amount of wipes and paper towels being used to disinfect gyms, clogging up drainage systems and harming the environment. There has to be a simpler and more efficient way. That’s where Gym Lab comes in. Although it is proper gym etiquette, most members don’t sanitise equipment between uses, and nor do gym employees. The unfortunate truth is that the simple sharing of yoga mats, exercise mats, cardiovascular machines and weight training equipment provides germs the opportunity to travel from person to person. Anytime there are lots of people sweating on gym equipment it creates an environment which is a playground for germs and bacteria, putting your health and immune system at risk. Researchers have proven that equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes and free weights have more than 1 million per square inch of bacteria alone — making it dirtier than a toilet seat. We wanted to develop a gym disinfectant derived from eucalyptus for its natural anti-bacterial properties, as a convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels and harmful wipes.

Who Is It For
No one wants to use any equipment or machine that is covered in germs, and smells of day-old sweat. ​Gym Lab is a must-have for every gym and gym bag.

How To Use
One of the advantages of using Gym Lab is that it is easy to use and completely hassle-free. Simply spray on any gym equipment or surface from about 15-20cm away.

Australian Made.

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