Everyway iStim EV-820 TENS Machine

  • $53.99

5 Modes + 12 Preset Programs


1. Burst - Intimate tapping techniques of massage

2. Normal - Provide most steady and consistent massage session

3. Modulation- It can gently cater to your muscle with gradual and frequent waves

4. SD1 - The intensity is always increasing while the pulse width is decreasing

5. SD2 - Similar like SD1 Mode

12 Preset Programs(P1-P12):

Provide users with 12 different preset programs, which target different position and formula

Super Set
Includes: TENS unit x1, Electrodes Pads x8, lead wires x2, instruction manual x1, Quick guide, 9V battery x1, Sealable Bag x1 carrying case x1 #DO NOT USE extra Electrode Gel

Quick Guide for Electrodes Placement

Follow the quick guide (As seen in the images section) to start your TENS treatment easily!

First Step: Choose the areas you want to start your treatment

Second Step: Follow the small orange dots and place the electrode pads on the correspondent places

Third Step: Choose the mode and set the pulse rate and width to the correspondent numbers. Then follow the treatment time and enjoy the treatment.

# All the parameters and treatment time are flexible. Please find the most comfortable settings to start your treatment.