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Comfort Cool Spiral Arm Splint

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  • Unique way to provide dynamic pronation or supination to gain maximum forearm positioning
  • Use this special orthotic strap to help decrease abnormal tone and increase forearm range of motion in persons with soft-tissue orthopaedic conditions and with neurological disorders such as stroke, CP or brachial plexus injuries
  • The strap supplies a dynamic force to mobilize the forearm into greater supination or pronation. By wrapping it spirally around the arm, the strap applies a prolonged, gentle pull on the forearm into the desired motion in a comfortable manner. The wrist and hand remain free to move.
  • This spiral-wrapped strap attaches to the included Web Space Glove. This low-cut, finger-thumb glove provides support to the thumb plus helps widen the thumb's web space. Ideal for hands with muscle tone imbalance, thumb weakness or contractures. This Web Space Glove is also available separately as a replacement, or it can be used on its own
  • The 5.1cm wide spiral forearm strap and the Web Space Glove are made of 3.2mm loop neoprene with hook and loop fasteners. Neoprene can be trimmed for a more custom fit

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