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Oppo Ankle Support With Strap (OPP1008)

  • $47.30

  • Mild ankle sprain
  • Ankle Instability
  • Open heel design allows for comfortable fit and applies less pressure on the sensitive Achilles tendon area.
  • Detachable strap may be removed when additional compression is not needed.
  • Flexible spiral springs act like tendons to reinforce the ankle.
  • Provides comfortable compression for weak or overstressed ankles.
  • Relieves pain due to strains or stiffness.
How To Wear:
  • Loosen straps and insert foot into the support and position heel in the heel locking area.
  • The two stays should be on each side of ankle.
  • Secure the upper two hook closures snugly.
  • Position the mid section of the surgical elastic strap under the sole.
  • Wrap one side of elastic strap diagonally across the top of foot and upward around the ankle joint.
  • Secure the hook closure on the side of the ankle support to desired compression.
  • Repeat step 5 and 6 to secure another side of elastic strap.