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The ProStretch Addaday Hexi foam roller is the ideal trigger point massage tool to help alleviate muscle soreness, tightness, and tiredness. Small and compact, the Hexi foam roller features a textured 6-sided design with a solid foam core and can be used just like a standard-sized roller.

The textured design individually set on the 6 different facets allows for a precise and deep connection to the fascia. Its compact design is perfect for rolling out the IT band, hamstring, forearm, bicep, quadriceps, and calf.

Control Your Roll 

This ultimate foam muscle roller features durable, and padded foam core cushioning that adds a soft touch to allow for an even, stable, and secure roll. It's soft/medium density helps to prevent muscle guarding.

Natural Feel

This foam roller features extruding circular nodules designed to mimic the massaging movement of the hands and elbows for an overall natural feel and pleasurable roll. It connects to the fascia with precision.

Small & Compact Foam Roller

  • This full-body foam roller is 7 inches long
  • Is made with durable and soft foam material.
  • It's easy to carry making it ideal for travel and being on-the-go.

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