Oppo Ankle Support Brace With Strap (OPP4106)

  • $65.50

  • Open heel allows for snug, comfortable fit.
  • Non-stretch nylon "figure 8" straps provide superior support for maximum protection.
  • Easy lace-up application eliminates tedious taping.
  • Flexible spring stays offer additional support without restricting movement.
  • Helps prevent inversion and eversion and controls rotational sprains.
  • Recommended to wear with socks.
  • May be used for left or right foot.

How To Wear:

  • Position heel in the heel locking area of the ankle support. Lace the ankle support snugly with straps.

  • Wrap lateral stabilizing strap under the heel and attach the hook and loop closure end of strap to the side of the support.

  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the medial stabilizing strap.

  • To ensure optimum performance and support, tighten the stabilizing straps from a seated position with the foot flat on the floor. Use the finger loops at the strap ends to free the strap from the hook and loop closure on the side of the boot. Pull up firmly on both straps, then press straps against boot to secure.

  • Fasten the elastic strap to tighten.


  • Moderate ankle sprain

  • Ankle instability

    Sizing Chart: According To Shoe Size.