Talarmade Prostep Short Orthotics

  • $53.00

Sizing Chart (According To Shoe Size)

Support and correction for the low arch foot

  • Heel cupping for calcaneal stability and reduct ion of heel valgus
  • Anti-bacterial top cover
  • Sustenaculum tali support
  • Medial arch support
  • Supports action of plantar fascia and resists high pronation forces Integrated posting system
  • Forefoot post 0 degree, 3 degree and 5 degree
  • Integrated posting systems
  • Rearfoot post 0 degree, 3 degree and 5 degree

    Same features as Prostep Full length but in a ¾ length.

    Generally it feels more comfortable when wearing a full-length orthosis as this eliminates any potential for sensing the edge of the device once it has been trimmed to fit the shoe. If this feels too tight or the shoe is of a more fashionable style, Prostep is available as a ¾ length model.

    For best results consult your healthcare professional.