Archline Slippers - Slip On (Orthotic Slippers) Grey

  • $59.95

The ARCHLINE Slippers are the World’s Most Comfortable Orthotic Slippers. They are best slippers for your feet. Each pair has a super comfortable orthotic sole footbed made with flexible lightweight materials. These slippers are supportive, therapeutic and easy to wear. They can be worn as both indoor and outdoor and provide freedom to walk pain free anywhere. Perfect slippers for plantar fasciitis.

  • Machine washable & dryable
  • Warm, anti-bacterial microfibre lining
  • Built-in orthotic footbed providing optimal plantar fascia contact
  • Slip resistant TPR sole

Sizing Instructions

IMPORTANT: Refer to the shoes that you spend the most time in. Use chart below to compare your shoe's size. When fitting to half size, always select the closest size up. e.g. if size 8.5 follow size 9.

 If in doubt, use centimetres as a comparative measure.

Fit to Width BEFORE Length.

most people have one foot that is larger than the other, so fit to the larger foot.

When wearing closed shoes, make sure there is enough space (around 1cm) for your longest toe at the end of each shoe when you are standing up.